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without the case of course of course there has been brutality that have been the different the police brutality who preceded it i don't think i think there are still the. only ways to compromise but what we need these are third party to play a role and those are two where we need moderate voices. voices like that one of the of the mayoral for but sedona they will be here because on the phone no you know one of the. polarization in the sky is that the moderate voices are not here that he wanted it is very bad this couple is in every civil confrontation you know but it's very bloody we have to hear the the moderate voices coming from people as effective in the governorship as. allowing the mayor of the us has done an excellent job of course of
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a boat full. of the social issues are in the economy sure the city so she must be here so we cover we have to find the solution and the problem is that is no piers a moment of course is in a very difficult position and for the other and a whole he's ready to use his. force you know to cross every catalonian opposition but i think we're just going to have to really wrap things up for the moment which is the way to me announcement to come from call it. we are going to bring it to of course the same as we get that for now that i've been great to speak to appreciate you staying on the line with this long and the piece telescope. in the meantime as we wait then answer let's head to paris because big news coming from there where police have used tear gas during part of a nationwide strike against the government french unions called on five million civil servants to walk out of their jobs and join in over one hundred thirty
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planned marches against president emanuel micron's labor reforms. i. think the. number of arrests were made his presence has clashed with police officer david ski has more of what started as a peaceful rally. well the peace is over as police have been firing ca gas on the protest to say in paris now we're in the middle of a crowd i'm going to give you a sense of like how angry people are we've got student small minds me who was unhappy about it because they hate syria so you support the teacher as the hospital workers and the rest of the civil servants who are taking place in this nationwide
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day of protests around a full wave million people all represented by those unions who cooled them to come out on strike and it was peaceful but as he seemed to think along the destination hate towards a nation in paris already seeing some of the damage being caused by the protesters we've seen people leaving past this time impacted by the effects of that she cast many people here are unhappy about what they see is the monsoon government's cuts to the civil service the strike took a hundred twenty thousand jobs to be cuts over the next i.d.'s a pay freeze and many people feeling that mr mack just doesn't represent the working class in fact many people think that mr mack gone is that she said he's showing contempt for the working class in the pot in the past as well last and that being fairly indiscriminate about how he has discussed protests is what he thinks of them take a listen to what he said previously it will be absolutely determined i will not
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give a name anyway not to slack is not to cynics not extraordinary to. well let's be clear who these slackers are according to mark wrong that's us all workers are slackers slackers are the people who work hard to earn a living to feed their family to pay their debts their mortgages this is purely a provocation from the head of state and from the government meaning that slackers wake up every day to go to their inner prices to work this is just some of the damage to public property here in paris the protesters making fun of what mark clinton said it says she's three old finial which basically means i am a sock at making a joint there's comment spotlight mr mock on but many of the people on this process say they want to see the pay freezes and they want to have better decisions and this is what they've been telling us they're going to lose currently mccrone is a president for the reach the rights of public workers are violated not protected
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to told. we're waiting for him to fulfill his promises sleazeball he has not kept and the university made to the public sector judging by the measures he's taken he's concerned about the rich. of the population would like a balance a social equity wall says i thought it was for me just part of the fight against the labor law and the ordinances of the french government so what's the impact on service is across france well the union saved fifty five percent of teachers in paris at taking part in the strike today meaning that seventy schools have been closed many hospitals judicial services on tribunals will see delays as a result of these protests on many airlines have canceled their flights with the civil aviation authority telling allies to cancel at least thirty percent of their flights which is left many people stranded in france but the one thing that unites
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. all of the people taking part in this national day of action today is that they're all on t.v. with a touch of the michael government and a president too many people say is a president just for the rich not the working class. paris. meanwhile french officials are choosing other ways to show the disapproval of micro mayors in central fronts of to the president's portraits in their offices to face the wall so after they were tear gassed by police as they tried to enter a building which mccrone was holding a meeting in a bid to speak to him another man and in eastern region as the bottom third of his portrait. that was a protest of the code of more than thirty percent in a budget. and the news u.s. backed fighters in syria say that they are just
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a week away from liberating islamic states one time defacto capital rocket the effort to push the terrorists out of the city which is once populated by more than two hundred thousand people left in ruins are some of the latest pictures from inside. goodish led forces launched the operation against the terrorists in iraq are in early june they've liberated ninety percent of the city although i still continue to fight for control of the center loss of the city would be a major blow to the terror of the script syrian army is now also pushing them out
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of there is or considered to be isis last stronghold in eastern syria. the story of recovery is the focus of most media attention not far from the city or a number of assyrian villages which were repeatedly targeted by i saw here now is the story of one woman whose village was reduced to rubble. the but. the an islamic state attacked us by surprise at four in the morning that. they said leave everything behind because the village is going to be razed to the ground and that's precisely what happened before our rice i watched the smoke rise from our houses. from then on our life as hostages of islamic states started our fate was uncertain everything was uncertain what.
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but after the calling planes didn't differentiate when they were bombing they hit i still fighters as well as civilians we were living amongst the terrorists the jets didn't discriminate what we feared most was the aircraft as they were bombing romanticise. this is the house i lived in as you can see it's totally burnt down. ok let's go back to barcelona where the president of catalonia colors put the one is addressing the city listening now to what. the dialogue is imprecision it will. be the one the moment is not a put into song which up and matter should be put in. we would like to inform you that our since the second day after the referendum several
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presumptions have been initiated to further the little girl says of conversation dialogue and negotiation. bialek you know i love you and she we expressed really claim that we want you violent proceed just negotiations. the elders from the squads yeah lexica thirty seven of the national leadership kofi annan your call form a better marshal no it doesn't render a bunch of i would like to mention issues that really didn't you personally military leaders of the president also representatives of the united nations they have seen in a lot of. what they call manner that at least will nonviolent dies and i don't just don't mention just these voices must be heard and respected. but it will
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take some time to initiate the dialogue with the spanish people. you fight japan a lot of. i call upon hearing expressions sean the response of you very t. that i also mention catalonian people are some actress but i can fully respond to the rejoinder because we cannot i want them to she don't fall into the temptation to use any power of the mannequin to intimidate others you know she was actually i shall always want to reduce tension and i ask the media we're going to spoil you can i also ask the central government if you know scott buchan problem of you're sure to dialogue with the help of mutilation and i would be the international relations you please really now once.
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you know for all the pressure of the last from the shoot out all of you i also asked the european we are going to come you have a responsibility to community that it assists us and to focus on the basic question of human to the value of a machine which must be applied in this post as and in the negotiations and forgot them and there is a conflict between look at the law and any of that and astonish date but this conflict can be stopped in a peaceful response seconds away. we will refer to our long history and to the second feiss the people has given to the creation. of i call on all people and their sons and daughters. to me cross. to.
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well does it as much as i mean this is. we will now continue. with parliament from. if you take some minutes to prepare your words don't worry we will take the time.
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to let out the lesson here that the madness mrs has the word now. that is now proceed to proceed in it without sleep without us. let us know not only they. don't want to bear and i am going to be as in the up on one and i still feel just about a line you're going to be honest just had to go down on mia he saw it although i. guess he and i sprang out. but it's not funny. ok let's move on to some other stories cause puts the species to wrap up slightly
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cryptic he said he wants to follow the will of the people who voted of course for independence without actually outright saying that so will bring you more on that story as it comes in the meantime britain's prime minister to resign may is warm the country must be prepared to quit the european union without a deal if it can agree with brussels on just how to exit that's of the months of a straight in talks with the e.u. failed to produce an agreement. well i believe it is profoundly in all our interests for the negotiations to succeed it is also our responsibility as a government to prepare for every eventuality so that is exactly what we are doing to resume a said that talks of the european union could drag on for another year at least and despite insisting that real and tangible progress is being made something that very few people believe right now almost in the same breath she admitted that the country has got to be prepared for the eventuality of a no deal out come proof of the fact that the government views this as
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a realistic possibility is the publication of these two so-called white papers these are documents that set out the government's plan for customs and trade arrangements in case britain ends up crashing out of the european union with a no deal obviously all these admissions were more than enough material for jeremy corbyn to pounce on and to capitalize on in parliament. on the referendum with still no clear on what the future of this country will look like. the question must be asked watching over us has the government been doing. if this government can't negotiate a deal for britain very should make where you drew dream with. the conservative party has been rather distracted with public internals.
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over the past couple of weeks we've got jeremy corbin saying look you need to stop fighting with each other and get on with the business of negotiating britain's departure from the european union and a fresh round of negotiations is getting underway now so that statement from two reason may about be. prepared to be a mensch ality it wasn't just meant for domestic consumption it's also another signal to the lost souls that look we're prepared to walk away with no deal if we don't get what we want and of course we've got both london and brussels lobbying the responsibility for the progress of these talks at each other achieving that partnership will require leadership and flexibility not just from us but from our friends the twenty seven nations of the e.u. the ball is in their court this is not exactly a ball game the ball is entirely in the u.k.
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court it's important to remember that domestically heads are reason mase position is incredibly precarious she's under intense political pressure she's seen as politically weak and her popularity has plummeted she can't quite shake talk of an internal party who were against her and this is something that diplomats and negotiators in brussels are watching very closely. ok let's head back to our top story this evening catalonia. we've heard him speaking just recently he said that the first referendum itself was legitimate he's asked for a mandate to declare catalonia independent because the said that the catalan expression of their will is crucial and should be respected he then said that it's not a unilateral declaration of independence as gestures should be made towards dialogue
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let's go to our correspondent in barcelona she was closely following what was being said and asked it was i think it was quite a confusing sort of thirty forty minutes is everyone was waiting of course and then there was that delay over now this puts them on and then it's what's happening we are all waiting for him to say that catelyn is independent but it was nothing so clear cut what did you glean from it. well neal you know if there was ever a last overwhelming speech by a politician given all the anticipation and buildup to this particular knowledge it was this one barcelona is indeed very nice but thousands of people came out to listen to the speech that carlos pushed him on did give just now here in parliament and of course given all the anticipation and all of his promises of declaring independence within forty eight hours of announcing the official referendum results the speech that he gave now was certainly could easily be described as some sort of backpedaling because even though he did say that the results of the referendum are
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recognized and then he would fulfill promises to the cats one people given the referendum results he certainly used the words dialogue and negotiations much more often throughout the speech than he did the words of independence so given there was actually of about an hour before he actually started speaking there was lots of love here on the ground that he's kind of trying to figure out exactly what he's going to say because if you remember in the years and weeks leading up to the referendum which the mont was saying he's even ready to go to prison to get into catalonia it's independence returned certainly what we saw today was a certain point in that direction even though he did say he's going to follow the will of the people but he certainly didn't come out and say those words that were always the pundits borders here on the ground were hoping for him to say. two things. and just to put some words
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the words mouth put them to you he said that the house claimed independence but he's called for the effects of that in depends to be suspended as the region and in mediation with the spanish government in all senses of the word i think we could say at this point ninety percent of participants in the referendum on october first they voted in favor of independence the day was marred by violence the civil guard moving in to disrupt the vote.
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and while officials in madrid they persistently said that the independence vote is illegal some even resorted to making personal threats to council on leave this. history should not be repeated let's hope nothing is declared tomorrow because perhaps the one who declares that up like the one who declared it eighty three
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years ago that. they spanish prime minister spokesperson was referring to catalonia as former first minister we scum fanis declared the region independent in one nine hundred thirty four he fled to france where he was captured by the nazis and handed over to spain's fascist regime in one nine hundred fourteen the politician was tried and executed for rebellion. in fact the pressure from madrid has been mounting ever since the referendum took place between it is even passed the new law making it easier for companies to relocate away from catalonia several banks as well as energy telecommunications and textile companies have already decided to take advantage of move their headquarters out of the region so perhaps no surprise they can to learn in need of turned out to be somewhat less determined to proceed with independence. the day after the first of october we will start a new period taking into consideration the will of the castle and us. do not
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underestimate the strength of the people of catalonia. a woman upon the situation asks for mediation and mediation means that we need a third passage and i get to me i will make a direct appeal to the european union it was independence after forty eight hours now its independence but let's talk about it first and that more. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. a simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. to get this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order
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to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution you heard someone wanted to ring the site otherwise it will be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. colon is still exist. ricos treated as one. hundred forty three cool as you know and i knew well as it doesn't decrease in a town the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans cravin dependants. joel it was the only god you know me getting up i don't i don't like the sick were good at either way like it but i'm going to sort of randomly go over thinking again my game plan to last the audience who don't believe still many do
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wish to join the u.s. hundreds more leave every day knowing. i'm alone me from mania. beings they want to run with the country at a crossroads anger of the island is on the rise. no news in the world. total. money we do not know. oh you ought to go to. d.c. the move for you. with no make this manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent. to ignore middle of the room six. million real news. before hard sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings pins to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle for food still. produce offspring to tell you that what we gossip and public are file for the most important news today. by the author of advertising tells me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along the border will want.
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what holds its institutions would have to. put themselves on the lawn to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be rich. have to go right to be close to see what it looks like three of them or can't be good get. interested in the waters of the gulf. some seem wrong when old roles just don't all. get to shape out just they become educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the.
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eking. thief. thank. god thief i. was. i mean always gives yeah you know until you go and see her through as a deal you know mr wilson it's going. to go in the other things are true that i didn't intend that be that than it is too little you have to go because if you do your you for your will your view of it just it will be
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about selfish looks the glad i wish had gushed about my telling number that i feel like seems like a collection of. feel this way or mark got up out of it up and down because you know i kind of kind of stayed out the impulse you know enter into another book or stumble into the wrong issue for me in the movies. music is always. going on. here. somewhere. here's what people have been saying about rejected and. the only show i go out of my way to. really pack. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. a c.
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people you've never heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank so. send us an e-mail. breaking news the president. says that catalonia will suspend its declaration of independence for several weeks he says that the region won the right to break away from spain this referendum but it is giving dialogue a chance. i . guess broken windows barricades a nationwide strike is underway in france where the work is a protesting against president.


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